November 15, 2015


The Lockers are so small like OMG, if u have too much stuff in your bag u can’t even fit ur bag in, u have to stuff it in.

September 18, 2015

Cummer Valley is pretty good

School just started about 2 weeks, and I have to say I’m like Cummer Valley middle school. lol. The best party is that you get your own locker and you can buy pizza, frech fries, hambuger etc for lunch. And the school starts alittle later then Mckee does. LIKE IT ALOT XD

August 12, 2015


Quick question: when does the blog get not useable? LOL😅

June 26, 2015


Even it is really sad that we are leaving Mckee but that does not ruin the awesome summer break. HAPPY SUMMER BREAK EVERYONE AND HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME IN GRADE 6


June 26, 2015


Every saturday I am always happy, you now eat some food do some work play Minecraft and chill out. But this saturday is so bad. I still don’t want to leave Mckee. I now I am not the only one being sad about leaving. Hope every one has a good summer break.

SAD FACE Goodbye-Smiley

June 17, 2015

Reflection On The Year


Meeting Mr.Lee :

When school started I was in Ms. Coles class. When I was doing my work Mr. Gorge called some people out. I thought I was in trouble but it turned out that I was moving to a new class. And the teacher was Mr. Lee. In the first 1-5 days I did not like Mr. Lee at all. He did not look friendly and he looked scary. But when he said about technology, computer and Clash Of Clans my thought changed a bit. But slowly I realized that Mr. Lee was one of the best teachers I ever meet, and he was nice to me. Now I think about it I was really lucky that I moved to Mr. Lee’s class.

Going to EOEC :

Before I went I was soooo scared, I did not want to go at all. But my mom really really wanted me to go so I was like “OMG!! FIND FIND” so I went. After I stayed there for half a day it turned out that I didn’t want to leave. I love sleeping with friends, the games, learning about new things and the foods. So now if I had a choose I would want to go again. But I hated the shower place, it was soo small.


 Trying new things :

In Grade 5 I tryed lots of new things, such as going on EOEC, changing class, making new friends etc. I always say something is bad or good before I even do it cause I don’t want to do it or I waant to do it. Also I am not  a person that likes to try everything. But it turned out most of the things I tryed were great. So I should always try new things before I say is good or bad.


The thing I hate most HOMEWORK! In Grade 5 there is soooo much more homework then in Grade 4. At first I couldn’t hando the madness. I had lots of trouble with keeping up with the class and doing the homework. But later I got use and I knew how to do most of it. I will admit, I don’t want more homework but if you think about it is not that much, is pretty less.


Grade 5 have been one of the best years ever on Mckee. Thanks to Ms.Chung, Ms.Fung, Ms.Kemerer and Mr.Lee for helping me. It is really really sad that I am moving to a new school but I hope I will have a even better time in Commer Vally and Grade 6



June 16, 2015

Reading Response 1

Choose a video game character that represents the story.

Character:Scorpion(Mortal Kombat X)

I would choose Scorpion to represent the story because the book is about assassains,killers and scorpion is a assassains and alse a killer. Also in the book one of the terrorist organization is called “Scorpia” and  the logo is a scorpion. So scorpion the character would go together with the logo. Also the weapons. In the book all the characters use guns, dagger, sword etc. And thats what Scorpion uses. Also the way he dress, the mouth mask, color makes me feel like it would be a perfect represention for the book. The last thing is stratagy. Scorpion is a similar to Alex ( protagonist) and Major Yu, they both use the art of stealth and thats what Scorpion uses when he battle. These are the reasons why I would choose Scorpion to represent the story.

Mortal Kombat X Scorpion (Head) IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO GOOGLE!!


June 13, 2015

Reading Response 3

What are the top 5 things the character might buy

!: Barett 50 Cal(a kind of sniper rifle)

Alex Rider would want to buy this because if he wants to kill someone really really far away, and with out being notice he would need this. Also in my opinion this is one of the coolest gun and Alex always wanted a gun so he might get this one.

AK 50 Cal

2: Sword

Different from the sniper rifle, he would buy a sword for melee/close up combat. So a sword would help alot. You might say why not a dagger, well because dagger is to small. It is the same thing except the sword is bigger and the dagger is smaller, well which one would you buy. Also because the sword is really sharp so he can throw it at someone and kill them.


3: Mortal Kombat Scorpion Armor

Not just any armor but the scorpion armor. It looks sooo amzingly epic and it is really strong. Next time if some on try to snipe Alex the bullet will either break or bounce of him. Also there is lots of sharp parts on the armor, if Alex goes close up he can hit his enemy with it.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion

4: Batman Tumblr

If you haven’t see the Batman movie yet, The Tumblr is on of the most stronggest and epicest tank. It can almost do anything. So if Alex has it, nomatter what the enemy do they just can’t kill him. The Tumblr can shot bullets, turn invisble at night, jump over roof tops, etc.

Batman Tank

5: Mini Gun

Alex would buy the Mini Gun incase he needs to kill lots of people at the same time. Mini gun is basicly a machine gun that you can hold. It shots really really fast. Also it looks really really cool.





June 10, 2015

Reading Response 2

What would happen if a youtuber went in to the story??


If PopularMMOs/Pat was in the story, the main part would be still similar but the detail part would totally change, because Pat would help Alex Rider and M16 becuase he hate terrorist groups, killers and robbers. And that is what Scorpia and SnakeHead is doing. The story also would change because Pat got modded(spiceal fashion) stuff just as I said with the SSundee reading response but more mods. He have almost ever single mod in minecraft. And lets just sasy Even if all the terrorist group, Alex Rider and M16 team up and try to defeat the moded stuff it will never work. So that means SnakeHead would not stand a chance against Alex Rider. Pat can just give them a chainsaw, God Apple, nuke and other OP stuff. No matter how strong SnakeHead and Scorpia is they wonn’t win. So the story would be half Alex Rider half Minecraft, which in my opinoion makes it alot more intersting. These are the things that would happen if PopularMMOs was in the Story.

June 9, 2015

Reading Response 1

Discribe a new video game.

So the new game is going to be called Rider Mission, because all the book is about Alex Rider going to missions.

There will be 10 level becuase there is 10 books 1 level is 1 book. Will be based on the book. You get a couple of Characters you can be: Alex Rider,Ian Rider, Yassen Gregorovich, Jack StarBright and Sabina. You control them to fight the bad guys and get stuff. If you fail then it will say “MISSION FAIL” every charcter has 10 heart each time something hits you it does half a heart to you. After 3 levels there will be a boss fight. You get money every time you kill someone or find a chest. You can use it to buy cars, airplane, sword, dagger, guns, armor etc. It is conpatable with PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, Computer, Ipad,DS3 and DS4